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Marc's NFL 4* Game Of The Week Top Of The Ticket Play! - Sunday
Marc's NFL 4* Game Of The Week Top Of The Ticket play goes this Sunday and it's another live dog he sees winning the whole game. Best of all it's packed with terrific winning angles the game, including a coach and his team each in NEVER LOST winning roles. Hurry, get it now - you'll be glad you did!

NFL Sunday 'OVER THE TOTAL #1' from King Creole
King's Totals Team heads to the Week Three EARLY kickoffs for our highest-rated OVER / UNDER play of the entire weekend. Based on our database queries, we're compelled to bump this one up to 4* BEST BET status as well. Numbers like 7-0 OU, 7-0 OU, 6-0 OU, 11-1 OU, and 10-1 OU. *If you are a Totals Tipsheet subscriber, this Best Bet is already listed… All Aboard the Week Three Totals Train… for the NFL Sunday 'OVER THE TOTAL #1' Best Bet!

***HIGHEST RATED PLAY ALERT*** I CRUSHED THE BOOKS LAST SUNDAY. And this Sunday, together we will dance on their graves. The BEST BIG GAME HUNTER ON THE PLANET is 15-1 in 2022 with his HR PLAYS. This Sunday I have my strongest and highest-rated NFL release thus far this season in my NFL GAME OF THE MONTH. Together we will hunt, stalk, and kill the books.

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